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Population Research Laboratory (PRL) , Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta

Established in 1966, the Population Research Laboratory (PRL) is a centre for social science research at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. With more than 100 employees, the PRL is the largest centre of its kind in Western Canada. It has extensive experience in conducting research in the areas of science and technology, education, health, labour markets, social policy, immigration, public opinion and the environment. Our clients and partners include academic researchers, university administrators, government departments and agencies, regional health authorities, professional associations and non-governmental organizations. For more information about our services or projects, please contact us 

Digital Initiatives has released 35 years of survey data into the University of Alberta Libraries Dataverse. The surveys, collected between 1977 and 2014, were compiled by the U of A’s Population Research Lab in the Department of Sociology. The Alberta Survey, previously known as the Edmonton Area Survey and the All Alberta Survey, measures the public opinion of Albertans on a diverse range of topics and issues relevant to the social environment of the province. Each dataset includes a downloadable SPSS data file, a questionnaire/codebook, and a methodological report. The survey data can also be searched and manipulated within Dataverse, including the ability to search for unique variables across datasets, and perform advanced statistical analyses. Visit the Alberta Survey Dataverse at https://dataverse.library.ualberta.ca/dvn/dv/DL





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China Institute releases new report Albertans' views on China 

Up and Not down - Longitudinal study challenges "mid-life crisis"  

From left to right: Harvey Krahn on his farm, peeling logs;
Nancy Galambos with cat Jonas;
Matt Johnson playing with daughter. 


Survey on Specialized Transportation in Leduc County, Parkland County, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County and the City of Edmonton

The Capital Region Board is interested in hearing from individuals in the area on specialized transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities. The Capital Region Board will be conducting the transportation survey in conjunction with the Population Research Lab at the University of Alberta. In the coming weeks, someone from the Population Research Lab may be calling and asking for your participation. If you receive a call, we would appreciate your participation. Thank you.