Population Research Laboratory circa 1969

50 years

News story from The Gateway, April 6, 2016

Population Research Laboratory today 


Many thanks to Elaine Laberge in Sociology for making these wonderful four planters happen in front of the Old Arts Building.


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 In & Out of the PRL  

China Institute releases new report Albertans' views on China 

Up and Not down - Longitudinal study challenges "mid-life crisis"  

From left to right: Harvey Krahn on his farm, peeling logs;
Nancy Galambos with cat Jonas;
Matt Johnson playing with daughter. 


Public Release Data available from University of Alberta Libraries

Digital Initiatives has released 35 years of survey data into the University of Alberta Libraries Dataverse. The surveys, collected between 1977 and 2014, were compiled by the U of A’s Population Research Lab in the Department of Sociology. The Alberta Survey, previously known as the Edmonton Area Survey and the All Alberta Survey, measures the public opinion of Albertans on a diverse range of topics and issues relevant to the social environment of the province. Each dataset includes a downloadable SPSS data file, a questionnaire/codebook, and a methodological report. The survey data can also be searched and manipulated within Dataverse, including the ability to search for unique variables across datasets, and perform advanced statistical analyses. Visit the Alberta Survey Dataverse at https://dataverse.library.ualberta.ca/dvn/dv/DL